3-axis milling and drilling machine

3-axis milling and drilling machine

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Vertical slider - 800x500mm - X-axis race - 800 mm - Y axis travel - 500 mm Adjusting head to height Voltage - 220V or 380V Tilt the frezor head -90 ° up to + 90 ° Head height adjustment - 300 mm Maximum drilling diameter in steel 32 mm

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3-axis milling and drilling machine

Range of milling, drilling, threading, etc
Turning the drill head for angle drilling, milling of beams, etc.
Easy adjustment of the milling head with the lift motor
Pins adjustable by crank
Manual lubrication of all guides / Centralized lubrication of bearings

Milling head lifting engine
Halogen lamp
Protective cap System work suction system
Digital control

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